Minivan Driver Filmed Purposely Ramming Into Car Wash Employee

A jilted ex-boyfriend could face life in prison for a bizarre car wash attack.

A bizarre scene unfolded earlier this month at a car wash in Chesterfield, Michigan as a Dodge Grand Caravan was filmed purposely ramming into an employee.

As you can see in the video, the driver of the minivan is parked across the street and waits for the employee to step outside. As soon as they enter the view of the security camera, the driver floors it and aims directly for the worker.

The driver brakes before impact, but the minivan still hits the man who falls onto the hood before being thrown from the vehicle. The driver quickly reverses and flees the scene.

While this is normally where things would end, the driver returns to confront the man he just attacked. However, the victim is prepared this time and grabbed a shovel to defend himself. A lengthy fight ensues and the driver got the crap beat out of them before police arrived.

According to WXYZ, the driver of the minivan was 25-year-old Roy Kowalski who was upset that his ex-girlfriend started dating a co-worker at the car wash. As a result, he plotted his revenge and carried out the attack.

Unsurprisingly, Kowalski is now facing a long list of charges including assault and battery, and assault with intent to commit murder. The latter charge could result in life in prison.

Kowalski and the victim were both injured in the incident, but Prosecutor Eric Smith said the employee is in the clear as he was defending himself. As for the attacker, Smith said “It’s a terrible idea to hit someone with your car … [and] it’s even worse to come back.”


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