James May Goes Green, Buys Another Eco-Friendly Car

It’s not a Porsche Taycan, but something powered by hydrogen. Can you guess the make and model?.

The Grand Tour co-presenter James May is a fan of most things on two and four wheels, and that also includes some eco-friendly vehicles.

So far, Captain Slow has held on to a BMW i3 for the past 5 years and more recently, he bought a Tesla Model S. But what did he choose this time? We won’t spoil the following video for you, as we’d better let Mr. May talk you through it.

Video: James May Says Breaking Speed Record In A Veyron Super Sport Was “Easiest Thing In The World”

We will tell you two things, though: first – he declared himself a fan of this powertrain technology many years ago, back in his Top Gear days, and second – it’s a hydrogen-powered car. The last statement should narrow it down enough that you might be able to tell what it is from the overall shape hiding beneath the Porsche cover.

In spite of choosing to cut his motoring CO2 emissions more recently, James May cannot let go to the go-fast vehicles that are currently parked in his garage. And we cannot blame him for that, as let’s be honest: who wouldn’t like to drive Porsches and Ferraris whenever they desire?

Another head-turning, asphalt-eating ride can also be found in his collection, and that one is the Alpine A110. The journalist chose the French sports car over its German and Italian rivals from Porsche and Alfa Romeo, namely the 718 Cayman and 4C, after stating that it’s the best car he drove last year. But let’s see what his latest daily driver is, shall we?


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