Icy Road Claims Multiple Cars As Drivers Try To Avoid Stopped Truck

This incident took place in Russia recently and involved at least half a dozen vehicles spinning or getting hit.

This past weekend, an icy road in Russia claimed at least half a dozen cars as they either spun off the road or impacted stationary vehicles.

The footage was captured via dashcam, showing an SUV sliding out-of-control while attempting to go around a stationary semi truck. While the SUV managed to avoid the cammer, the grey Toyota trailing it wasn’t as lucky. Meanwhile, a third vehicle can be seen in the background, losing control before reaching the semi.

Afterwards, only a few more seconds pass before the next car comes along, avoiding the semi but smashing head-on into the dashcam-equipped vehicle – while also nearly hitting the passenger of the Toyota who, for some reason decided to get out, not realizing how dangerous of a situation this was.

After that hit, the cammer gets spun around and we can see two more vehicles that ran off the road into separate ditches, plus multiple others that are stopped. The fact that so many people were outside walking when vehicles were skidding around them is quite jarring though.

While the ice is obviously to blame for the drivers’ inability to stop or even slow down sufficiently in order to avoid that stopped semi without losing control, it’s clear to us that some, if not all, were going a little bit too fast for those conditions to begin with.

Let’s hope that nobody was seriously injured during this whole debacle, even though some people seemingly did their best to put themselves in harm’s way.


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