Fiat Tipo Taxi In Turkey Wants To Be A BMW M3 – Or Maybe A Bentley

The front bumper mimics BMW’s sports sedan, but the wheels scream Bentley; quite an odd combination.

The Fiat Tipo isn’t exactly what you’d call a driver’s car, but the owner of the following example in Turkey thought it would serve the basis for a nice BMW mash-up.

Perhaps the first thing you’ll notice about this Tipo is the bright yellow paint scheme denoting it as a taxi – and, of course, the lettering on the doors and little sign on the roof denoting it as such. It is the front bumper of that really caught our attention, however.

Does the shape of that bumper look familiar to you? If it does, that’s because it almost perfectly mimics the design of the BMW M3’s, only tweaked to suit the shape of the Tipo. It sports M3-inspired air intakes, air intake surrounds, and the same lower grille section.

A quick search online doesn’t reveal any BMW M3-inspired front bumpers available for the Fiat Tipo, although we may be looking in the wrong places. There’s also a possibility that the owner of this car designed and fabricated the bumper by themselves. Whatever the case may be, it’s hard to deny that the car looks much more aggressive than istock. Giving the car a more authentic look is the fact that the headlights of the Tipo are somewhat similar in shape to those of the M3 – if you squint a little.

One final intriguing design choice is the fitment of Bentley-inspired wheels complete with center caps featuring the ‘B’ of the British car manufacturer. Guess the guy has a thing for premium cars starting with B…

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