Drive Like the Israeli Special Forces With The $36,500 Tomcar TX4 UTV

Initially designed for the military, the Tomcar TX4 has now become available for civilian use.

Many off-road enthusiasts often dream of being able to buy military vehicles to satisfy their needs of conquering the most demanding terrains, with the HUMVEEE, which eventually launched a series of civilian versions, being the most notable example so far.

The trouble is the general public can get their hands on such vehicles only when the armed forced organize surplus sales and, even then, the vehicles put up for sale are not latest-generation models. There is at least one exception, though: the Tomcar TX4 side-by-side vehicle which is now available for civilian use.

Built by a company founded in 1991 to serve the needs of the Israeli Special Forces, the TX4 is a rugged vehicle designed to operate in the world’s toughest conditions.

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Designed as a reconnaissance vehicle, the TX4 is a good-for-all rig that can transport four people and haul a 2,500-lb (1,134 kg) payload in the most arduous of terrains. As Tomcar’s first-ever consumer model, it has received some modifications for civilian duty, targeting off-road and outdoors enthusiasts, ranchers, and more.

While it offers the same military-grade technology as Tomcar’s other UTVs, the TX4 is more comfortable and better-suited for use in vacation homes, ranches, beach houses, and areas with a lot of property to explore.

A cross between a military-spec ATV, utility vehicle, and pickup truck, the TX4 features a fully welded armored cocoon with integrated frame and roll cage that comes with a lifetime warranty. Power is delivered by a rear-mounted 1.5-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine that produces 107 HP and 80 lb-ft (108 Nm) of torque. That’s not much, but then again, the 2,650 lbs (1,202 kg) curb weight should ensure that performance is at least decent.

Hooked to a sealed CVT, the engine drives all four wheels via an all-wheel drive system that uses a specially designed triple-chain transfer case as well as selectable front and rear pneumatic locking differentials. The UTV features a four-wheel independent suspension with adjustable coil over shocks, achieving a 17 inches (432 mm) of ground clearance and 14 inches (355 mm) of wheel travel. Depending on vehicle configuration, tow ratings range up to 5,400 lbs (2,449 kg).

As you would expect from a military-grade vehicle, things are rather austere inside. Still, the TX4 offers “luxuries” such as electronically assisted power steering, automotive-grade materials, cushioned PRB bucket seats with four-point safety harnesses, a fully functional HVAC system, as well as easy-to-navigate dashboard and controls.

The TX4 starts at $36,500, but Tomcar will add a more expensive and upscale trim level with enclosed cab and additional amenities in early 2020.

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