Climbkhana Two: Ken Block Shows VW The Fun Way To Climb Tianmen Mountain

Block’s weapon of choice was a heavily modified Ford F-150 with the 914 HP V6 of the Ford GT racer.

Last year, Ken Block gave us Gymkhana Ten, a crazy video featuring no less than five different Fords being hooned in five stunning locations around the world.

Some fans feared that the tenth installment in the Gymkhana series would be the last; after all, what could Ken Block do to top that video? While we’re not sure about that, we do know that Ken Block is back with the second installment of the acclaimed series’ spin-off: the Climbkhana.

You may recall that in 2017 Block went to Pikes Peak and drove the hell out of the iconic hillclimb course in his 1,400 HP Hoonicorn. For Climbkhana Two, he turned his attention to another fearsome mountain road, China’s Tianmen Mountain. On this occasion, however, he used the Hoonitruck, a heavily-modified 1977 Ford F-150 packing a 914 HP 3.5-liter twin-turbo EcoBoost V6 from the Ford GT Le Mans racer.

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Ken Block doing donuts around a panda bear riding a Segway, because why not?

As you can imagine, Block’s goal was not to set a new record on the 10,9-km (6,7-mile) meandering road which climbs about 1,100 meters (3,608 feet) in elevation and subjects drivers to 99 treacherous turns.

As with the original Climbkhana, the idea in this second installment was to go up the mountain in style, which in Block’s case means sideways in the highest speeds possible. That takes guts since we’re talking about one of the world’s most dangerous roads due to its narrowness, difficulty and steep ravines that don’t leave any room for errors.

Of course, he could have chosen a smaller car for the job than the massive Hoonitruck to make his life easier – but then he wouldn’t be Ken Block, would he? It’s one of his best videos yet, but you don’t have to take our word for it; just check out the video right below…


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