Can A Base Mercedes A-Class Sound Good? Lorinser Thinks So

German tuner Lorinser can make the Mercedes A 160, A 180 and A 200 sound better.

German tuning firm Lorinser has developed a custom exhaust system for three entry-level gasoline-powered Mercedes A-Class models.

This means that if you own the A 160, A 180 or the A 200 variant, your premium hatchback will sound as if it produces more than 109 PS (107 HP), 136 PS (134 HP) or 163 PS (160 HP) respectively. Unfortunately, the official video tied into this release doesn’t provide sufficient noise so as to understand just how loud the cars are.

In any case, in order to get the exhaust system, the prerequisite is that the car has to be equipped with the AMG package from the factory, otherwise Lorinser won’t be able to match the muffler to the new rear diffuser.

“This is important, as it holds the suitable end panels which are available either with a chrome finish or with a black ceramic finish,” argues the tuner.

As for the aero kit, the package includes custom front and rear bumper add-ons, the attachments for the air intakes, rear diffuser with tailpipes, and RS8 19-inch alloy wheels, which are also used on the Lorinser Green Series special edition. Customers can also opt for the RS9-series wheels, as well as various power modules for A 220, A 220 4-Matic, A 250, A 250 4-Matic, AMG A 35 4-Matic, A 160, A 180, A 180d and A 200 models.

Pricing meanwhile is as follows: any power module will set you back €1,499 ($1,657), while the wheels cost roughly €2,500 ($2,764). The front splitter is €820 ($906), the rear diffuser with tailpipes €2,040 ($2,255), the Aero flaps €642 ($710) and the Sport Exhaust System is €1,799 ($1,990).


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