Bentley Details Continental GTC’s Tweed Effect Fabric Roof

The Bentley Continental GTC’s new Tweed roof required a lot of trial and error before the right color combo was found.

If you like heritage materials with a twist, then Bentley‘s new Tweed effect roof for the Continental GTC might be just the option you’re looking for as far as your luxury grand tourer is concerned.

This individual option was created by using two ‘solid’ tones and is meant to appeal to modern lovers of texture and color, as well as long-time customers. The development of the new Tweed roof was done alongside the creation of all interior and exterior colors for the GTC.

There are seven exterior roof colors available in total, including this Tweed spec.

“We wanted to create something that hadn’t been done before and we had never seen a Tweed effect hood. We felt confident that tailoring and heritage fabrics would become a significant trend with longevity, and we decided that was the right direction to pursue,” said Bentley’s color and trim designer, Cathy Bass.

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“It was an intuitive sense that this was exactly what I was looking for. The only problem was that it was made with completely the wrong weave structure as our hood material has a very specific woven construction to meet technical and engineering requirements.”

Bentley eventually settled on a contrast of dark brown and cream yarns and the result is a fabric that appears to change from a dark beige to something that reveals its technical woven strands within the fabric.

The Continental GTC’s roof can be deployed or stowed in just 19 seconds, while traveling at speeds of up to 30 mph (50 km/h).

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