Admit It, This Massive 1:32 Scale F1 Slot Car Race Track Is What You Want For Christmas

An amazingly detailed F1 slot-car track is getting auctioned off in Abu Dhabi this Saturday.

Just how big of a Formula 1 fan are you? Because if there’s no limit to your admiration for the sport and your pockets are properly deep, then feast your eyes on this 1:32 scale F1 slot car race track.

It was initially commissioned by Formula One and built by Slot Mods. Last year, it spent the entire racing season in the F1 Paddock Club during each race, to the delight of VIP guests. Now, it’s getting auctioned off through RM Sotheby in Abu Dhabi this Saturday.

According to the ad, the track is expected to go for anywhere between $20,000 and $30,000, with proceeds benefiting the Reaching the Last Mile fund, which is Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed’s health care campaign that fights preventable diseases – a joint initiative with the Bill Gates Foundation.

Such tracks are hand built and cost well over $100,000, with the artists needing roughly three to six months to complete each project, depending on the scale and of course, the level of detail.

Features include hand-painted race fans, bespoke buildings, foliage lining the circuit and a modular design (it can be disassembled into two sections for easier shipment). It’s also worth noting that numerous drivers and other important F1 figures allegedly have used this slot track in 2018, which in turn should excite bidders.

While many of the track’s corners seem familiar, the entire circuit doesn’t look like anything that’s currently on the calendar. The cars however are realistic. The #5 Ferrari is that of Sebastian Vettel, while the #6 Mercedes is that of Nico Rosberg, from the 2014 F1 season.

Photo credits: Peter Seabrook ©2019 Courtesy of RM Sothebys

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