2021 BMW iX5 Electric SUV Shows Off Its Massive Curved Display And Minimal Dashboard

Our first proper look inside the production BMW iNext electric SUV doesn’t dissapoint .

So far we had an idea of what the interior of the upcoming BMW iNext electric SUV will look like but these new spy shots are the most revealing yet.

BMW’s 2021 iNext, which will reportedly adopt the iX5 name once it reaches the market, takes a more minimal approach for its interior design, featuring a dashboard with no cowls together with a huge curved display in a setup that’s similar to what Mercedes is doing with its models.

The test car appears to feature two displays under a common curved glass surface, but BMW has promised that the final production model will come with a “curved, single-section display” in one of its previous teasers.

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The electric BMW SUV will also feature the new two-spoke polygonal steering wheel that according to the German carmaker offers the perfect geometry for switching between normal and automated driving and will have optical fibers integrated on the side sections to send color signals to the driver when it’s time to take over control of the vehicle.

In terms of dimensions, the BMW iNext is close to an X5 but its underpinnings are all new, as it rides on the company’s latest flexible architecture which will be used by both electric and ICE-powered vehicles. The iNext will have a rear-mounted electric motor -at least on its base versions- and the battery pack mounted on the floor. Expect to see some of its technologies in the also upcoming i4, including shared powertrain options.

BMW has promised a driving range of over 373 miles (600 km) for the INext, which will also be the brand’s first model to offer Level 3 automated driving. 0-62 mph (100 km/h) will come in around 4 seconds.

Level 3 automated driving means that the driver of the iNext will be able to sit back and let the car handle the steering, brakes and acceleration, although he must be ready to take back control at all times. BMW will eventually use the iNext as their testbed for the development of Level 4 and Level 5 automated driving technologies.

Image Credits: CarPix for CarScoops

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