Tuned Toyota Land Cruiser 200 Looks Wild, But Wait Until You See Its Interior

Ukraine’s AutoLife has given the big Toyota Land Cruiser an all-leather interior and individual rear seats sourced from a BMW 7-Series.

Customers from Russia, Ukraine and other post-Soviet states seem to have a soft spot for the Toyota Land Cruiser, especially the larger 200 model.

Why wouldn’t they, after all? The Land Cruiser 200 is roomy and offers V8 power, all-wheel drive and generous ground clearance, which comes in handy off the beaten track or on poorly-surfaced roads.

Since Toyota’s big SUV is an all too common sight in these countries, many owners decide to customize them, with most projects focusing on making the interior more luxurious and giving the exterior a sportier appearance.

Ukraine’s AutoLife is a Kyiv-based tuning shop that recently completed work on a 2019 Land Cruiser 200 and we believe it’s worth checking out, if only for its lavish interior.

First things first. The aftermarket company say it wanted to make the SUV look less like a “refrigerator on wheels”, which is why they made significant changes to the exterior, fitting an extreme body kit with 100-mm (3.9-in) wider add-on wheel arches for a beefier appearance.

More aggressive bumpers were also added, along with new custom running boards, a new gloss black grille and a lightweight engine hood with many cutouts — not something you would expect to see on a rugged vehicle like the Land Cruiser.

Nothing prepares you for the interior, however, which a red and blue leather fest. AutoLife says the entire cabin (even the headliner!) is covered in high-quality Austrian leather that’s quilted on the seats and door panels and features the “Magnum” project name stitched into the headrests, center armrest and steering wheel center.

Other materials used inside include fine wood trim for the steering wheel rim, dashboard and door cards, as well as polished aluminum on the center console, door handles, and other areas.

It’s the rear passengers that get a real treat, though, as the Land Cruiser’s standard bench is replaced with two individual seats from the long-wheelbase BMW 7 Series G12, while the carpeting has been replaced with a plusher one and extra sound deadening material has been added.


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