Isuzu Previews Futuristic FL IR Truck With Autonomous “Platooning” Function

The tech allows one truck to act as the leader in a convoy and others to follow, react and adapt to its movements.

Isuzu has just released the first images of an innovative new truck concept dubbed the FL IR prior to its Tokyo Motor Show unveiling.

All it takes is a quick look to understand that it’s not your typical truck. The front is defined by a set of small LED headlights as well as a huge fascia dominated by a dark blue panel and a silver frame where the large ‘Isuzu’ badge sits. Found above is a wrap-around windscreen and a pair of cameras in the place of traditional wing mirrors.

In designing the truck, Isuzu says it was inspired by the movements of marine animals that use ultrasonic sound waves and have unique swimming formations. Additionally, the FL IR features “a shark-inspired bio-design created to illustrate an image of a mighty robot.”

The Isuzu FL IR comes complete with advanced autonomous driving technologies that enable “platooning.” In the trucking world, this involves linking two or more trucks in convoy using connectivity technology and automated driving support systems. The truck at the head of the platoon acts as the leader and the vehicles behind it quickly react and adapt to its movements. While the technology has yet to reach the market, numerous truck manufacturers are testing and developing platooning systems to introduce sometime next decade.

Images of the FL IR’s interior have yet to be published, although a press release from the company says that the cabin layout automatically adjusts depending on whether the vehicle is in all-autonomous mode or being driven manually.

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