2021 Mercedes EQS Electric Sedan Shows Production Interior With S-Class Like Dash

The Mercedes EQS is Daimler’s answer to the Porsche Taycan, Audi e-tron GT and Tesla Model S.

When Mercedes unveiled its EQS study back in September, we immediately knew that the production version would likely not feature such a minimalist and at the same time futuristic interior design.

The exterior differs quite a bit too. Where the concept appears a little more bulky and saloon-like (despite the long rear pillar), the production EQS is clearly more of a fastback, boasting a rear hatch instead of a traditional 4-door trunk lid.

Add it all together and the intentions out of Stuttgart become quite evident. The EQS is meant to be a Jack of all trades, but in true Mercedes-Benz fashion – elegant, comfortable, potent, high-tech and by the looks of it, practical too. Actually, aside from the 4-door AMG GT and their SUV Coupe models, Mercedes don’t really have any other products with sloped hatchback tailgates (the A-Class doesn’t count, because it’s a traditional hatchback).

Unfortunately, we should also expect the EQS to not be a match for the next S-Class or even some of today’s 4-door models in terms of aesthetics. But that’s alright, because its main concern should be the Tesla Model S – a pretty car, but not an all-time beauty.

Back to the interior, the dashboard layout appears similar to that of the next-generation S-Class, with a digital gauge cluster positioned behind the steering wheel, and a tablet-style infotainment screen angled upwards from the center console. For what it’s worth, the steering wheel is also identical to what we’ve seen inside 2020 S-Class prototypes.

Unlike the latter though, the EQS comes with thinner A-pillars, which are typical for vehicles with sweeping panoramic windscreens.

As for performance, the EQS is expected to ride on Daimler’s new EV-exclusive Modular Electric Architecture (MEA), featuring two electric motors (one for each axle), and multiple power levels, where even the base version could exceed the EQC’s 402 HP (408 PS) output right off the bat. Meanwhile, a rumored AMG variant could put down a combined output of 592 HP (600 PS).

The new spy shots also reveal the electric flagship’s active all-wheel steering system, which will definetely aid the handling of the EQS and its maneuverability around town.

The Mercedes-Benz EQS will debut sometime in 2021 with a driving range in excess of 310 miles (500 km).


Photo credits: CarPix for Carscoops


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