Two Ladas Collide At High Speed, One Of Them Rolls Over As A Result

Two Ladas going way over the speed limit and one of them making an extremely aggressive move; small surprise it turned out badly.

Sadly, are Russian are practically non-existent and not even translating software can explain exactly what transpired here. All we know is that this incident occurred recently in Russia, somewhere near the Finnish border.

Of course, it doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to figure out that the driver of the Lada Granta undertook the Vesta at more than 167 km/h (104 mph), as per the dashcam readout, in an extremely aggressive manner.

On the other hand, we don’t know whether the driver of the Vesta really had any time to react, which might have helped this crash from occurring. Whatever the case might be, things didn’t turn out well.

Unfortunately for the driver of the Granta, he lost control and hit the barrier twice, before skidding to the other side of the road and flipping over. The description of the video also states that the Granta driver, who had to be hospitalized, was drunk and had a rubber baton with him in the front seat…

In the end, both drivers displayed reckless behavior; the first for being so aggressive, and the other for going way over the speed limit.

Not meaning to sound pedantic here, but speed limits are there for a reason – and yes, everyone has broken them at some point or another. However, this crash is a perfect reminder of what can happen when you ignore that rule; and even if you’re not the one actually causing the accident, what’s much more important is preventing it from happening because the consequences can be dire, no matter if you’re the one to blame or not.


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