Limited-Run Imola Is Pagani’s Most Extreme Huayra To Date

The Huayra Imola features a bespoke carbon fiber bodywork with a new aero kit, and only five will be built.

Pagani has quietly unveiled its most eye-popping Huayra ever, which is dubbed the Imola.

We’ve known about a new Huayra variant being developed for quite some time. but it was thought to be dubbed the Dragon. A private ceremony over the weekend saw the car delivered to its owner, confirming its real name.

The car was commissioned by Oleg Egorov, the founder and owner of TopCar Design, who also happens to own a bespoke Zonda dubbed the ‘Unica’.

The exterior of his new Huayra is truly something to behold. Clearly not afraid of turning heads, Egorov ordered the hypercar to be finished in gloss carbon fiber with bright orange accents. Orange trimmings can be found in the front splitter, around the headlights, along the side skirts, on the edges of the side air intakes, down the roof scoop, and across the much more pronounced rear diffuser.

The carbon skirts are also vastly different than any other Huayra. including the hardcore BC and BC Roadster. Design inspiration also appears to have been taken from some of the Zonda 760 series. with a large roof scoop, a towering new rear wing, and a shark fin connecting the two.

We don’t have any info yet about how much power the Huayra Imola puts out, but suspect its AMG-sourced twin-turbo V12 has been fettled to deliver more than the the 745 HP and 811 lb-ft (1100 Nm) of torque that are offered by the BC.

Last, but not least, Pagani will build another four examples of the Imola, though it’s uncertain if they will sport the same exterior finish.

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Наконец то можно показать этот потрясающий автомобиль ))) Машина названа в честь гоночного трека Энцо и Дино Феррари «Имола» ! Презентована была на нем же 29 июля.. Показывать раньше нельзя было , хотя очень хотелось ))) Первая из серии в пять штук Pagani Huayra Imola ••• Finally we can show this amazing car))) The car is named after the racing track Enzo and Dino Ferrari “Imola”! It was presented on July 29th at that track .. It was impossible to show the car before, although everyone wanted to))) The first of five serial cars Pagani Huayra Imola #huayra #pagani #paganidragon #paganihuayra #paganihuayra #paganiautomobili #supercar #supercars #hypercar #hypercars #luxury #luxurycars #luxurylifestyle #luxurylife #topcar #topcar_man #topcardesign #blacklist#huayraimola

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Here are some good photos of the Pagani Huayra Imola by: @horsepower_hunters . I have never had so many people ask me if a manufacturer’s release is an aftermarket company’s work (including 4 Pagani owners so far) – so I guess that means Pagani’s new design language for the Huayra is not only aggressive but also surprising and controversial. Is that a good thing? ??‍♂️. What are your thoughts? Is this the car of your dreams or do you think they have gone too far? ?? ・・・ @supercarownerscircle @topcar_design #Pagani #Huayra #PS01 #Imola #HorsepowerHunters #SOC #LiveUpload #HuayraImola #PaganiHuayraImola #1of5 #NotACinque #ManyAreConfused #Zonda #Mansory #New #PaganiHuayra #HuayraBC #HuayraRoadster #HuayraRoadsterBC #HuayraImola #KrisSingh #BLESSED

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