One-Off Pagani Zonda Aether Is The First Zonda Auctioned In Seven Years

Like others, it has its V12 upgraded to 760 spec, but unlike most, it features a manual transmission instead of a semi-auto.

A one-off Pagani Zonda, dubbed the Aether, is set to be auctioned off by RM Sotheby’s at an event in Abu Dhabi on November 30.

For years, Pagani has been building one-off models as part of its 760-series range of Zondas.

It all started with the 760RS and 760LH and, since then, dozens of existing hypercars have been converted to 760-specification, while a handful of all-new models have been built from the ground-up.

The Aether was reportedly commissioned by the same guy who owns the one-off Ferrari SP38 and is certainly one of the most desirable Zondas ever built. Like others in the 760 family, it is powered by a naturally-aspirated 7.3-liter V12 pumping out 760 HP, but unlike most, that grunt is fed through a six-speed manual transmission. Can cars get any more desirable than a Zonda with a stick-shift? We think not.

The exterior of the Zonda Aether is clad in matte carbon fiber offset with a number of bright red accents, including along the sides, around the headlights, and a stripe stretching over the front end, along the roof scoop and finishing on the rear decklid. A set of black wheels with red center locks complete the look.

As there are now so many one-off Zonda 760s on the market and all of them are distinct from one another, it has long been hard to determine exactly how much they are worth. Pre-auction estimates predict the Aether will trade hands for between $4.5 million and $5.5 million which, if achieved, would show just how valuable Pagani’s hypercar has become.

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