Pagani’s Latest Bespoke Zonda Is A Purple Roadster Named ‘Zun’

The Zonda Zun features a mixture of purple and carbon fiber trim and a Cinque Roadster-like roof scoop.

This is one of the latest one-off Zondas ever commissioned – and, fittingly, it’s got a unique name: the Zun.

These renderings from Pagani are the only images available of the Zonda Zun and it isn’t believed to have been delivered just yet, hence the lack of real-life photos. Nonetheless, the renderings show that it will be one of the craziest Zondas ever.

For starters, the Italian hypercar is painted purple, much like Lewis Hamilton’s custom Zonda 760LH. At the front, there is a custom hood with carbon fiber air extractors and a carbon fiber accent in the shape of an arrowhead, as well as carbon fiber canards and a carbon splitter.

Switch to the side and you will see carbon air intakes popping out of the rear wheel arches and a roof scoop like the one in the Cinque Roadster, which is connected seamlessly to a carbon fiber fin attached to the rear wing. The latter appears slightly larger than most other Zondas in the 760 series and even includes a small secondary wing painted purple – the sme color as the exhaust shroud and rear diffuser.

Pagani is no longer building new Zondas; instead, it is creating bespoke versions based on existing cars. It remains to be seen which specific Zonda model this car started out life as, but it is a rare right-hand drive example. We suspect that it will feature an uprated 7.3-liter AMG-sourced naturally-aspirated V12 with approximately 760 HP – and if that’s the case, it should also produce a howl that can only be matched by… well, another Pagani.

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