More Than A Dozen Rare Paganis Go At Monza To Have Fun

The Huayra might be the latest Pagani, but it was a number of crazy Zondas that had everyone drooling…

The annual Pagani Raduno event was recently held in Italy, and at the end of the roadtrip through Sardinia, which was exclusive to Pagani owners, the Italian exotics hit the Monza circuit for a private track day.

It is no secret that limited-edition and one-off Zonda and Huayra models are among the most expensive modern cars on Earth, but despite this, many owners took their vehicles out onto the famous Formula One racetrack to see what they were made of.

Arguably the two highlights were a pair of Zonda Revolucions. They may share many similarities with road-going Paganis, but feature crazy aerodynamics and screaming 7.3-liter, naturally aspirated V12s not restrained by road-legal rules that, when roaring down the racetrack’s main straight, made current Formula 1 cars seem like Priuses. Heck, their howl wasn’t too dissimilar to past V8, V10, and V12 past F1 racers…

The track-only Zondas weren’t the only awesome supercars from the Italian manufacturer to be pushed around Monza. The brave owner of a Cinque Roadster also took out his ride on the track and proceeded to see what it’d do. Pagani only ever built five units of this crazy supercar and each was priced from $1.8 million when new; used examples are now thought to be changing hands for more than $5 million.

Of course, there were also a handful of Huayras that also lapped the track, but due to their use of a twin-turbo 6.0-liter AMG V12, they don’t sound near as visceral as the naturally-aspirated Zondas. Sadly, even Pagani can’t escape the modern automotive landscape unscathed…


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