AC Schnitzer Works Over BMW 8-Series Coupe In Time For Essen

The tuner’s take on the G15 BMW 8-Series is currently in its ‘design study’ phase.

Visitors of the 2018 Essen Motor Show will be able to feast their eyes on AC Schnitzer’s take of the G15 BMW 8-Series, even if the vehicle is only meant to be a design study.

Still, the tuner claims that the show car will remain indicative of where “the design journey” could go, which means that it shouldn’t differ all that much from the final product. Good news for those who felt as though the new 8-Series could use a few extra aero elements.

What’s been done?

AC Schnitzer kicked things off by working on a suspension spring kit, lowering the 8-Series’ center of gravity by approximately 20-25 mm (0.7-0.9 inches) at the front and 10-15 mm (0.4-0.6 inches) at the rear. This will result in noticeably optimized driving dynamics and cornering ability, as well as good driving comfort, thanks to the high residual spring travel.

As for the aerodynamic components, they’ve been developed for maximum downforce and balance, and will be manufactured in super-light carbon in later production. On the Essen show car, some of the components are made from fiber glass.

Once the project is finished, customers will be able to spec their 8-Series with carbon front spoiler elements, a matching front splitter, carbon side wings, and carbon covers for the vents. At the rear, downforce is provided by the carbon ‘Racing’ wing and the carbon diffuser, while a set of carbon side skirts is also present to connect the front and rear of the car.

Inside, there will be some aluminum accessories such as shift paddles, a pedal set with matching foot rest and the key holder.

But wait, there’s more

AC Schnitzer is also prepping engine performance upgrades for the M850i xDrive and the 840d xDrive. The former will now put out 600 PS (591 HP) instead of the standard 530 PS (523 HP), together with an extra 100 Nm (73 lb-ft) of torque, for a peak figure of 850 Nm (627 lb-ft). Meanwhile, the diesel-powered model will see its output grow from 320 PS (315 HP) and 680 Nm (501 lb-ft) to 380 PS (374 HP) and 780 Nm (575 lb-ft).

Last but not least, the ‘Carbon Sport’ tailpipes, each with a 105 mm (4.13 inches) diameter.

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