Toyota Built A Mirai Hydrogen-Powered Tundra With A Robo Pizza Maker

Toyota’s other Tundra concept is Kevin Costner’s personal project built to conquer the great outdoors.

Toyota has brought two custom Tundra concepts to the SEMA Show this year, one of which is a hydrogen fuel cell-powered truck that robotically makes pizza.

It’s called the Tundra Pie Pro and it features the same powertrain as the Toyota Mirai. As a result, it can power itself and the entire bed-mounted kitchen via the hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain. Another major mechanical change besides the switch from a gasoline engine to a hydrogen fuel cell electric powertrain is the truck’s conversion to front-wheel-drive.

Toyota Tundra Pie Pro

The project is based on a Tundra SR5 that was torn down to a bare rolling chassis and then reassembled from the ground up. A collaboration between Toyota and Pizza Hut, the Tundra Pie Pro is a fully automated, mobile kitchen that can bake a fresh pizza in 6-7 minutes after receiving the order.

The two robotic arms you see in the truck’s bed can bake, cut, box and hand the pizza to the customer. The process begins when the first robotic arm opens the refrigerator and removes the selected pizza. It then places it on the oven conveyor and returns to close the refrigerator door. The pizza is then transported through a high-speed ventless oven.

After it’s baked, a second robotic arm on the far side removes the finished pie and places it on the cutting board. It then proceeds to divide it into six identical slices, box it up, and deliver it to the customer waiting on the side of the Tundra.

Kevin Costner’s Toyota Tundra Custom

The other Tundra truck concept on display at SEMA is a vehicle built to conquer the great outdoors. The pickup features an array of custom equipment to suit Kevin Costner’s passion for nature and active outdoor lifestyle.

That’s because the truck is the personal project and playtime vehicle of the Academy Award-winning actor and director. Based on a Platinum model, the truck packs many modifications.

Those include custom-fabricated front and rear bumpers that integrate Warn winches and Rigid Industries lighting, as well as a 4.5-inch suspension lift with Fox coil-overs and shocks. The actor’s pet project also comes with a two-piece roof rack affixed to the ARE V Series bed shell.

Mind you, this isn’t just a show truck. The Tundra has already seen real-world action on fishing excursions at Kevin Costner’s Aspen ranch. In addition, it accompanied him to Montana for the on-location shooting of the second season of “Yellowstone.”

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