AC Schnitzer Helps New BMW i8 Roadster Improve Its Stance

The German tuner has brought BMW’s i8 Roadster closer to the road by approximately 20-25 mm.

BMW tuning outfit AC Schnitzer has cobbled up an aftermarket styling set for the newly introduced i8 Roadster.

Their most recent body kit for the BMW i8 was unveiled a little over a year ago in Geneva, where the Bavarian hybrid sports car showed off its more aggressive stance and sportier-looking exterior in Coupe form.

This one, however, is the i8 Roadster, and even though it’s a convertible, it shares many of its features with that Coupe model that the tuner brought to Geneva.

For starters, the car was fitted with a custom spring kit, lowering both the front as well as the rear by approximately 20 to 25 mm (0.8 to 1 inches) compared to the standard suspension.

Other mods include the AC Schnitzer front grille and the 160 mm emblems on both sides. Inside, the pedals, foot rest and iDrive cover are all aluminum, whereas the floor mats are velour. As for the carbon fiber exterior parts, there’s the front spoiler elements, middle front spoiler, front side wings, mirror covers, front and rear air outlets, door handle panels and the ‘Racing’ rear wing, which adds higher downforce values.

Finally, there are the AC1 lightweight forged bi-color wheels, which measure 21-inches front and rear. According to the tuner, these wheels will save you up to 4.4 kg (9.7 lbs) in weight.

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