New Audi A4’s Matrix LEDs Shine Bright In Brussel Stunt

During yet another clever marketing stunt, Audi took to the streets of…

During yet another clever marketing stunt, Audi took to the streets of Brussels keeping pedestrians safe with one very large A4 Matrix LED spotlight.

Generally speaking, Brussels is a pretty safe place. Heck, back in the 10th century it was a fortress town, while today it’s one of the biggest centers for international politics – NATO headquarters anyone? That being said, an inherently safe city is actually the perfect place to promote safety and this is what Audi came up with.

They installed the A4’s adaptive Matrix LED headlights into a giant billboard and actually put the spotlight on pedestrians and bicyclists alike, who really seemed to appreciate the “attention”.

Audi’s Matrix LEDs are really clever in the sense that they adapt to road conditions as you drive along – which can be as useful on a dark country road as it can be in a crowded well-lit European capital like Brussels.

Of course, potential customers of the all-new A4 have a lot more to look forward to than headlight technology. The car also comes with adaptive cruise control, traffic jam assist, virtual cockpit and 3D B&O sound system.

As always, advances in technology (especially in safety) are greatly appreciated on the roads of our cities, and we can look forward to a time when these types of systems will be mandatory.

Until then, let’s just hope that manufacturers like Audi will keep making our roads safer.


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