VW: Scirocco, Golf VI Cabrio & Lupo Renderings

Before we get into any details on Autozeitung’s future VW model renderings,…

Before we get into any details on Autozeitung’s future VW model renderings, let us remind you something; on January 1st, Audi CEO Martin Winterkorn (officially) replaced Bernd Pischetsrieder as the head of Volkswagen Group CEO. From what we’ve heard from insiders, Winterkorn is revaluating every single project that Pischetsrieder approved. Take the Golf VI for example that was sent last minute back to the drawing board. Thus meaning, for the time being, one should be extremely cautious of any future VW model rumors. Saying that, here’s our opinion on the three renderings we see from German magazine Autozeitung: -Click “Read More…” below

Scirocco: We’ll agree with Autozeitung that the 2006 IROC concept was far too close in appearance to the Golf and that VW will give the production version Scirocco a serious makeover. Don’t know about the new grille though.

Golf VI Cabrio: If the translation we made from the German magazine is right, Autozeitung is proposing a name change for the Eos successor –obviously, there’s no logic of having the Eos and the Golf VI Cabrio in your range even if the latter features a rag-top. Could be.

Lupo: The first generation Lupo which was also available from Seat as the Aroza, was an expensive and unsuccessful, premium mini. VW replaced it with the “cheap” Brazilian made Fox, that is also… unsuccessful. We know for a fact that Skoda is developing a mini that will fit under the Fabia II in its range so this scenario could have some truth in it. In any case we really dig the artist impression on the Lupo.

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